Modeling and Databases - Introduction to Databases for Business Informatics

2019/20 - #76404B

This is the Module 2 of the course Modeling and Databases (76404):
Students attending this course will study and put into practice languages, methodologies, and techniques for modelling data, business processes and decisions that are instrumental to the creation of information systems supporting contemporary organizations in their operations management. In addition, they will be able to translate a data model into a corresponding database, and learn how to make use of the basic functionalities (definition, update, and querying) of database management systems in the context of development and deployment of information systems. The course focuses specifically on relational databases, the SQL language, and software programs accessing them, but the taught methods and principles are of a more general nature, and can be applied also in those contexts where data models and database systems different from relational ones are adopted.

Office hours: Every Tuesday 10:30AM in my office or other days/time if required (all by email appointment).

Exam format: The final mark will be based on (1) an individual/group project and (2) a final written exam. The final exam will have more impact on the final mark than the project. More info will be posted later.

Syllabus: Course Syllabus  

Teaching material

  • Course Slides. The slides will be made available during the course and can be downloaded from the course page in the OLE system.
  • Esercises solved in class. The exercises will be assigned for the exercise hours, and the solutions will be made available in the following week on the course page in the OLE system.
  • Textbook. Database Management Systems (3rd edition). Raghu Ramakrishnan, Johannes Gehrke. McGraw-Hill, 2005. Available at University Library Bozen: 13-Textbook Collection (ST 271). The textbook is suggested, but not strictly necessary.


The course should be visible in OLE. For any issue you can contact me.

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